Stop the Yielding!

After hearing safety concerns from citizens regarding
uncontrolled and yield sign-controlled intersections,
City Council directed the Gunnison Police and Public Works Departments to identify all intersections in the city that had no traffic control signs or that utilized yield signs.  Fifty such intersections were found. The Streets crews are now
removing all yield traffic signs and are replacing them
with stop signs and all intersections that had no traffic
signs are having stop signs installed in at least one
traffic flow direction. The signage change will take place
over the summer months as underground utility locations
must be performed before digging sign post holes. 
Drivers and bikers need to be aware of these changes
and to obey the new traffic signs. For more information,
contact Gunnison Public Works at 641-8020. 

Lazy K Property


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Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

The City Council of the City of Gunnison is soliciting committee members for the newly established Park and Recreation Advisory Committee. The primary duties of this committee are to act in an advisory capacity
to City Council and staff in matters
pertaining to Parks and Recreation
programs, facilities and services.

            Committee Make up:

  • Committee will consist of 7 members who have resided in the Gunnison Valley for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Four members shall consist of registered voters who reside within City Limits.
  • One member shall be a Gunnison High School student.
  • One member shall reside in the North Valley defined as North of the City limits
  • One member shall be at large.
  • Meetings of the Committee shall be set at such time and place desired by the committee, at least quarterly.
  • Terms served are for two years.
  • Council’s goal is to have a committee comprised of individuals who have a diversity of ages, backgrounds and interests in the parks and recreation programming.
  • All potential applicants must
    submit a letter of interest to
    Gunnison Parks and Recreation Department

For more information, contact
Dan Ampietro
Gunnison Parks and Recreation Department
200 E Spencer
Gunnison CO 81230

Application deadline is June 29th.